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About us

We're Ready in Five, and we're dedicated to bringing elite athletes into your group's world. Through quick, energizing 5-minute group movement sessions, we infuse energy, wellness, and inspiration into your collective experience. Our platform enables athletes to share their stories, motivating your group to excel together. Our sessions are designed to be fun, inclusive, and require no special clothing or equipment. Join us as we make every group moment count.

How It Works

Ready in Five simplifies the process of infusing energy and wellness into your work or school day:

Easy Booking: Businesses and schools can easily schedule a movement session with an Olympian using our online platform.

Seamless Integration: Simply provide the link to your virtual meeting, and one of our elite athletes will join. They'll guide your team through an engaging 5-minute movement session.

Ready in Five helps you:

Take Short Breaks:
Insert a brief break in your packed meeting schedule.

Energize and Recharge:
Boost and sustain energy levels.

Focus and Revitalize:
Recharge and refocus your team.

Cultivate Community:
Build team culture and a sense of community through enjoyable shared experiences.

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